In-services / Training & Enrichment


Bonners are also required to attend between two and four other training and enrichment activities per semester on campus or in the community. There are many great opportunities outside those directly sponsored by Bonner for students to gain skills and knowledge relevant to their service or related to the Common Commitments and other Bonner principles. Other training and enrichment activities may include relevant Convocations, workshops, trainings, films and conferences that happen on campus, in the local community or in another location Some approved opportunities will be advertised in the Bonner weekly email or emails sent to the Bonner listserv. These activities will be posted on Earlham Engage. Students may also propose other training and enrichment opportunities they feel meet the criteria. Proposals should take the form of an email to the Bonner coordinator including all of the following information:

·      Title of the event

·      Date and time of the event

·      Location of event (including address if taking place off campus)

·      A description of the event (can be taken from Today@Earlham or other event advertising)

·      A sentence or two stating why you feel this event should qualify as a Bonner other training and enrichment opportunity


Students must log at least two and no more than four other training and enrichment events per semester. Activities may vary in length from a one-hour lecture or workshop to a three-day conference. Students may log the actual amount of time spent in the activity.


When attending conferences and other, longer trainings, the following things may not be logged:

·      Travel time to and from the event

·      Meal and break times

·      Social activities and informal, hanging out time


In addition to logging the time in Earlham Engage, students are required to provide a paragraph-long reflection in Earlham Engage. This reflection can include:

·      A summary of the topic of the event

·      What you learned

·      How this training will help you with your Bonner service (school year or summer)

·      How this event contributed to your understanding of the Bonner Common Commitments or other principles

·      Whether you would recommend this type of training or activity to other Bonners and why or why not



Note: Other training and enrichment activities were formerly referred to as in-services.

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