Alternatives to Violence Project Indiana



The Alternatives to Violence project is a group of local organizations (of which AVP Indiana is one) that exist solely for the purpose of conducting experiential workshops in conflict resolution. These local groups are supported by regional groups and a national organization – AVP USA. AVP facilitators are all volunteers and expect that participants in the workshops are volunteers as well. Each workshop strives to create a sense of community that is safe and caring enough to allow individuals to do the reflection necessary to bring about real change in their lives. AVP workshops are experiential and include exercises and games. We learn by doing, practicing techniques, and reflecting on what we experience, how we feel, and how our past experiences contribute to the conflicts we encounter daily. It is lively, fun, and can be life-changing. Workshops are between 18-22 hours in length and occur over the course of two or three days (usually a weekend). This allows time for true community building to take place.


4 People | 32 Impacts | 53 Hours

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