Bonner Scholars Selection and Orientation Committee


The Selection and Orientation Committee (S&O) oversees recruitment and selection of each new class of Bonner Scholars and is responsible for planning and leading the new Bonner orientation that occurs the week before the start of classes in the fall semester.


The committee's duties include planning and implementing the new Bonner orientation each August; recruiting, overseeing and serving as mentors for new Bonners throughout the fall semester and longer as needed; reviewing and updating recruitment materials including the Bonner application; working with staff to set the schedule and carry out tasks involved in the recruitment process; staff a phone-a-thon to remind prospective Bonner applicants of the application deadline and answer questions about the program; and read and score a designated number of applications (usually somewhere between 10 and 15 per person).


Any student who wishes to help with new Bonner orientation in August must be an active member of S&O the previous spring semester or, in the case of students participating in an off-campus program in spring semester, must be an active member of S&O during the previous fall semester. The committee is expected to meet at once a month throughout the school year.

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