Bonner Scholars Community Fund


According to Bonner Foundation rules, all decisions regarding the expenditure of Community Fund money are to be made by Bonner Scholars. The committee is responsible for reviewing written Community Fund proposals, interviewing the students that are submitting them, using consensus to decide whether or not to allocate the money requested, and following up on the success of the funds applied for and used. 


Goals for the Community Fund Committee: 

  • Inspire and empower Bonners to utilize financial resources provided by the foundation to fund service projects. 

  • Develop skills for non-profit grant writing.  

  • Encourage Bonners to create projects that beneficially impact and strengthen relationships with service sites. 

For the 2020-2021 school year, the Community Fund conveners will be Kamden Deckard ( and Mary Cora-Cruz (, both sophomores. 


Even though the Community Fund conveners will be meeting on a regular basis, they have set some proposal submission deadlines (cut-off dates) so that it’s easier to follow-up on the proposals. This means that even though Bonners may submit a proposal right after the deadline, the conveners may not start the review process until the next deadline. Proposals will be reviewed the Friday following the submission deadline. Meetings with the proposal representatives will occur between submission deadlines. 


These are the Proposal Submission Deadlines for the Fall 2020 Semester. All proposals are due at 11:59 PM EST*: 

  • Thursday, September 3rd 

  • Thursday, September 17th 

  • Thursday, October 8th

  • Thursday, October 15th 

  • Thursday, October 29th (finalized proposal, including any reviews that need to be made). 


The deadline for all Bonners to turn in receipts and left over funds is November 24th (last day of class). If a student fails to turn in the receipts/leftover money, their student account will be automatically charged on November 30th. Please refer to the Community Fund Rules & Procedures to learn more. 


In addition, so that it’s easier for Bonners to work on and add their answers to the Community Fund Qualtrics form, the conveners have created a template with all the questions on the form. Bonners should not submit this document, only the official Qualtrics form. 


  • Community Fund Application (Qualtrics Form):

  • Updated Community Fund Rules & Procedures. The official version will be in the Bonner Handbook Fall of 2021. 

  • Template for Community Fund Application. You may use this to draft your application. 


Please feel free to contact the conveners by emailing them at!

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